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About the RKBTA Courses


Renuka Krishna Beauty & Training Academy provides Mentorship Programs that equips people from all walks of life to scale up their career in the Beauty Industry. Delivering quality courses in Permanent Makeup, Skin, Bridal Makeup, Lashes, Hair and much more so our students whether your  income is under 10,00,000's or if you're generating multiple 7 figures, we will help you get to the next level!


We are all about helping you dominate your niche and beauty business. We do this by giving you our full time, attention and a taste of our experiences of 30 years. You are hence entitled to exclusive 24x7 lifetime support, student's group with Master Renuka Krishna and our Internationally trained team of experienced coaches and beauty biz experts.

1500+ Happy Students

4.9 Positive Feedback

#1 Top PMU Academy

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For making the commitment to grow your career and taking it to the next level.

I Curated These Courses For A Reason

No one wants to live from 1 pay-check to another, I know you want to be your own boss with your  own financial freedom. Darling, you gotta take the next step.

You Won't Find Another Renuka Krishna

Over 30 years in the beauty Industry with clients and students coming back again and again. 10 years into Microblading and building up the most trusted and reputed PMU Studio & Academy in India.


A Letter From Renuka Krishna

I do not come from money, nor was I married into money. I hail from a family where women join the teaching line. I completed my Bachelors in Commerce, further went onto doing NTT (Nursery Teacher's Training) was arranged for a job interview and cracked it, but I refused to join. Instead filled out the application form for Cosmetology studies (that too on the last day admissions), there was waitlisting obviously, sat on the college staircase the whole day without even a mere sip of water. The last admitted students list was released in the evening, and guess what, I was admitted! My happiness knew no bounds. I told my parents I studied as per their will, but my work has to be my passion. Then flew in opposition! "Will you now be a barber?", "This is not a dignified job!", "Females in our family only work as teachers, what do you think you are doing?" and so on... I was determined and studied very hard.


I went on to work with Hyatt Regency (Bikagi Cama Place, Delhi, India), Nicco Metropolitian (CP, Delhi, India), J Wellness Center (Delhi), Jacques Dessange (Delhi). Soon I got married. But, God had different plans! A pivot in my life. I was blessed with a beautiful daughter and had to take charge of my finances. I got back at work. After 10,000 brides, 20,000 skin procedures and 16 years I took up my first Microblading class in France. Scared, excited and surprised all at once. Within 8 years I travelled across the world, London, United States, South Korea, Singapore, Serbia, Canada, Italy, Brazil , invested in over 30 upgrading trainings myself, taught 1500+ students, transformed over 3000 faces and build up the most trusted and reputable PMU Studio & Academy in India.


Those same opposing relatives can not stop praising for me. My message to you is that you and I are more alike than we are different, and if I can do it, you can too! It was my younger self's belief that got me where I am. I believe in you too. I believe that you have what it takes and I believe that you can make a difference. I hope to meet you in class, be sure to introduce yourself I would love to hear your story.


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Schedule a FREE Beauty Biz Call with our International Permanent Makeup Career Guidance Expert... You will need 30 minutes for the call. My RKBTA team will contact with more details. Please do not pick a time where you can not give 100% of your attention.


During this session our RKBTA advisors will find a little more about you, discuss with you how our courses work, and determine if we'd be a good fit to work together.


if we feel we can help your career with our beauty business courses, you'll be moving on to our next step which is enrolling in RKBTA classes. Think of this as a course where you are joining a team and an ongoing process of development.

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